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YFD News

    Happy Retirement Rita!

    After a little more than 27 years with YFD, Rita Mantey has decided to retire. We will most certainly miss her, but hope that she truly enjoys her retirement! Congratulations Rita!


    Mantey Retirement

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    Our wholehearted congratulations are extended to Ted Vander Houwen on his promotion to Deputy Fire Chief, Kai Nishida on his promotion to Lieutenant and to Mike Trujillo on his promotion to Lieutenant.  If you have the opportunity to see one of these gentlemen, feel free to extend your congratulatory sentiments as well!

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    Yakima Welcomes Union Gap Firefighters

    YFD-LOGO best copy 2014   Union Gap Fire Dept Logo

    Following more than a year of analysis and planning, Yakima Firefighters and Union Gap Firefighters join forces beginning January 1, 2015. Combining the two departments just makes good sense. Benefits include cost savings by reducing redundancies and enhancing the depth of emergency service capability for both Yakima and Union Gap.  The greatest benefit of this unification is to the citizens residing in both cities.


    Along with the career firefighters comes a small, yet dedicated group of volunteers who will further enhance our overall ability to provide emergency services.


    Welcome aboard, Union Gap Fire Department!


    UG Fire Station 12232014

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    Candles at Dinner

    In our continuing effort to help make your home a safe place for you and your family this time of year, below are links to some additional Holiday Fire Prevention Checklist safety videos that we hope you will take a few minutes to watch.


    Holiday Candles

    Holiday Home Safety

    Home Heating Safety



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    Holiday Fire Safety

    How many hazards can you identify in the photo above?  Click here for the answers

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the holiday standard goes. The Yakima Fire Department’s holiday wish is for all Yakima residents to have a merry, bright and SAFE holiday season. By recognizing holiday fire hazards and using a little extra caution, you can help keep your home full of comfort and joy.  Below are some safety tips we hope you will use this Holiday Season.


    Winter Holiday Safety - Decorating and Entertaining

    Holiday Decorations - Be Fire Smart

    Heating Safety Talking Points

    Cooking Safety

    Christmas Tree Safety Tips

    Candle Safety


    More Fire Safety information can be found at:

    our Public Education webpage



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Customer Service Survey

If you’ve ever had cause to use the Yakima Fire Department’s services – whether in an emergency or under non-emergency circumstances, we’d like to hear from you.  Please click on the blue survey link below and tell us about your customer service experience. Information collected remains confidential and will be used only as a means to ensure the needs of our customers are being met.

This survey is intended for people living within the city limits of Yakima.

2014 Responses

Structure Fires: 111 EMS: 4353
Vehicle Fires: 59 Tech Rescue: 18
Other Fires: 252 HazMat: 50
Motor Vehicle Accidents:  491
All Other Calls: 2102
Responses Year To Date:  7606

Total Responses for 2013: 8,232