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YFD News

    After 32 years of service with Yakima Fire, Lieutenant Bruce Newell of Station 92 is retiring

    After 32 years of Service with the Yakima Fire Department and 38 years total in the fire service, Bruce Newell, Lieutenant at Fire Station 92 has decided to retire and begin the next chapter in his life. Congratulations Bruce!Newell retirement

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    Yakima Firefighters respond to a well involved garage fire

    4-21-15 A-Shift fire crews responded to a garage fire this afternoon. Engine 91 (not pictured) and Engine 95 quickly extinguished the fire.


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    7 steps to keep your Kids Safe with Safer in 7

    Here are seven steps to assist us adults with keeping our Kids Safe. Have you done any of these?

     For more information and additional resources, visit http://www.safekids.org

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    EDITH House

    EDITH House is an annual program from the Yakima Fire Department aimed at 2nd grade children as an orientation to escaping the home in case of emergency. (EDITH is an acronym that stands for Exit Drills In The Home.) We don't want them to simply know how to escape, we want them to be able to call 911 and give their address and phone number. We have all heard the stories of small children that had to call for help. Will the children in your life know who to call, and what address and phone number to give? With just a little practice, they can!

    EDITH House Program

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    Rita's Retirement Recognized at Council

    Rita Mantey's retirement and 27 years of dedicated service was recognized by the Yakima City Council during their March 3 meeting. Again, thank you Rita, and we wish you all the best that Retirement can bring!


    Rita at Council 03032015 x2


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Customer Service Survey

If you’ve ever had cause to use the Yakima Fire Department’s services – whether in an emergency or under non-emergency circumstances, we’d like to hear from you.  Please click on the blue survey link below and tell us about your customer service experience. Information collected remains confidential and will be used only as a means to ensure the needs of our customers are being met.

This survey is intended for people living within the city limits of Yakima.

2014 Responses

Structure Fires: 111 EMS: 4353
Vehicle Fires: 59 Tech Rescue: 18
Other Fires: 252 HazMat: 50
Motor Vehicle Accidents:  491
All Other Calls: 2102
Responses Year To Date:  7606

Total Responses for 2013: 8,232